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 Our Business, Our Ideas

 Nature's Finds is a family business that has grown from our own life experiences, starting out at the kitchen table. We are excited to say we have grown from those early beginnings.

 We source our ingredients from their origin to keep as natural as possible. We try to encourage localised farming and organic practises with as minimal disruption to the environment as is achievable while keeping in mind the needs of a healthy body and lifestyle for our customers.

  We believe pain in our bodies, is a very real and debilitating issue, so many of our products have the destinct properties of easing joint and muscle pain and stiffness, while at the same time we are able to enjoy the relaxation and pampering we all deserve.

  Massage therapy is so easy for every one to share (you do not need to be perfect at it!) and we believe we have the very best massage lotions that are not greasy, oily, and do not leave any residue behind on the skin.

  As adults we have also heard many couples complaining of their sexual potential not being as they wish so we have created a  His and  Hers aphrodisiac body massage lotion to help improve things in this area. Both have aphrodisiac natural essential oils to enhance your sexual wellbeing. The results we are hearing about are very exciting and are as they should be. Don't be shy - give them a try!

  Thank you for taking the time to find out more about us.

Amelia & Rusty Florence

                   Are Toxic Chemicals Harming Your Family?

 people do not realise how many toxic chemicals we use in our homes.

  - 98% of Supermarket products have health damaging chemicals.
  - This has been well documented in many Medical Journals.
  - Would you knowingly use these products in your home or on your family?        
  - Use only health concious products.
  - The truth is that it is simple and cost effective to be safe.

There are many of these products that we apply directly to our skin and do not even realize how damaging they can be.
Why wait for your family to feel the effects of these chemicles?
Remember - these chemicles have been acknowledged as dangerous.
Go natural, pure, organic and free from animal testing.

 Anna in a box

Eco Label

Thank you for considering Nature's Finds products.
These will make an ideal addition to your
 aromatherapy lifestyle.
There is absolutely no risk to you when you purchase any of our products.
If these are
not the best products you have ever used, we will happily refund your purchase
or quickly send you a replacement.

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The information contained herein is meant to be used to educate the reader and is in no way
intended to provide individual medical advice. Please seek advice from your personal
health care provider.
Keep oils away from children, eyes and animals.
Our products have not been evaluated by the FDA.